• MAK Attack : Division Street’s New Chinese Joint



    The Asian Food Revolution is here! Thanks Urban Daddy for the great write-up!

    Published on June 10, 2013
    Urban Daddy

    MAK Attack : Division Street’s New Chinese Joint

    Chinese food.

    Sure, it’s been around awhile. First in China. Then came the American version. Chinese 2.0, if you will.

    Well, it’s update time again.

    Prepare for MAK, a tasty little spin on everything you know about the proper way to wolf down General Tso’s chicken, now open in Wicker Park.

    Basically, it’s a Chinese restaurant in Chipotle form. The setup is simple: some Chinese Revolution–inspired posters, reclaimed wooden booths and a line of hot woks waiting for your order.

    You’ll choose a bowl or a wrap. If you go the wrap route, select your protein (pork, chicken, beef), your starch (brown rice, white rice, quinoa) and sides like pickled daikon and zesty cucumbers. Then just grab ahold and start chomping. And speaking of grabbing ahold and chomping, they also have Chicken Wangs, their version of traditional Chinese wings.

    But say you go the bowl route. Now you’re in a world that includes Korean-style bulgogi and General Mak chicken (their nod to General Tso’s chicken).

    Oh, and you’ll be using a chork. It’s a crazy-long plastic fork that splits at the end. Turn it upside down, you’ve got chopsticks.

    Just don’t call it a spork. It hates that.